Song of the Day #2,863: ‘Rubber Band’ – David Bowie

david_nowieIn January, shortly after David Bowie shuffled off this mortal coil, I promised to take a deep dive into his catalog. For the next three weeks, I’ll do just that.

I’ll get more into my preparation in future posts, but for now I want to kick things off with a single from Bowie’s first album, self-titled and released in 1967.

This modest album is notable mostly for marking the start of an extraordinary career, though it contains few hints of the genius to come.

‘Rubber Band,’ a quirky little 60s pop tune, was the album’s first single.

Rubber Band
There’s a rubber band that plays tunes out of tune
In the library garden Sunday afternoon
While a little chappie waves a golden wand
Rubber Band
In 1910 I was so handsome and so strong
My moustache was stiffly waxed and one foot long
And I loved a girl while you played teatime tunes
Dear Rubber Band, you’re playing my tune out of tune
Rubber Band
Won’t you play a haunting theme again to me
While I eat my scones and drink my cup of tea
The sun is warm but it’s a lonely afternoon
Oh, play that theme
Rubber Band
How I wish that I could join your Rubber Band
We could play in lively parks throughout the land
And one Sunday afternoon, I’d find my love
Rubber Band
In the ’14-’18 war I went to sea
Thought my Sunday love was waiting home for me
And now she’s married to the leader of the band, oh

Oh yeah… I hope you break your baton

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,863: ‘Rubber Band’ – David Bowie

  1. Dana says:

    Well, I suppose there is something theatrical going on here, but certainly a far cry from what Bowie’s music evolved into.

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