Song of the Day #2,838: ‘Oye Como Va’ – Santana

santana_abraxasOur next 1970 album is Abraxas, the sophomore effort by Santana. Barring catastrophe, next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the group fronted by Carlos Santana, and the band has had about that many members over that span.

My only association with Abraxas comes form the Coen Brothers movie A Serious Man, in which the beleaguered main character, Larry Gopnik, hears from the Columbia Record Club that — by doing nothing — he has purchased Santana Abraxas.

“I didn’t ask for Santana Abraxas, I didn’t listen to Santana Abraxas, I didn’t do anything!” Larry exclaims, exasperated.

The Columbia Record Club is a brilliant metaphor for the film’s recurring theme of the perils of inaction. Larry says “I haven’t done anything” throughout the film but finds he is nevertheless subject to the whims of an indifferent God.

A Serious Man is set in 1967, but Abraxas and CCR’s Cosmo’s Factory (both released in 1970) are name-checked in the film. I guess the Coens couldn’t resist giving a prominent spot to an album named after a Gnostic God. Or maybe they just got their dates wrong.

And they must be fans of this album because today’s SOTD, ‘Oye Como Va,’ appears briefly in The Big Lebowski.

Oye como va mi ritmo
Bueno pa gosar mulata

Oye como va mi ritmo
Bueno pa gosar mulata

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,838: ‘Oye Como Va’ – Santana

  1. Dana says:

    I must confess that I always found this song a bit too jammy for my personal taste. I tend to lose patients with it, though I like it in small doses, such as when it is effectively used in a movie.

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