Song of the Day #2,461: ‘Boxing Day Blues’ – Courtney Barnett

courtney_barnett_sometimesAnd so we reach the end of my 11-day discovery of Courtney Barnett’s album, Sometimes I Sit and Thing, and Sometimes I Just Sit. As I suspected, the final song on the album is a short one, juxtaposed with the nearly 7-minute epic that preceded it.

No clue what it will sound like (yet) and based on the blend of styles on the album so far, I’m not sure I can even venture an educated guess.

These are the most enigmatic lyrics on the record, eschewing Barnett’s usual conversational style for something more spare and evocative. Barnett has described the song as “just about not being there for someone when they need you.”

Now, to listen.

Befitting the lyrics, this is the most spare musical treatment on the album as well. Just an acoustic guitar and some ambiance courtesy of keyboards and maybe a slide guitar. Pretty and mournful, ending the album in a completely different place than it began.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey. Given that I never “get” an album after just one listen, I’m encouraged by my first experience with this one. I’m looking forward to popping it in the car stereo and living with it in full.

I know that I let you down
You’re not keen on what you found
When’s the funeral?
Do you want me to come?

I’m not what you’re looking for
My house has an open door
You need a lock and a key

I love all of your ideas
You love the idea of me

Lover, I’ve got no idea
Lover, I’ve got no idea
Lover, I’ve got no idea

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,461: ‘Boxing Day Blues’ – Courtney Barnett

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve heard on this album. You may have to report back with an update as to how this album settles with you after repeated listening. Also, given your recent car buying habits, please report back how the album sounds different from one car stereo to the next.😄

  2. pegclifton says:

    LOL Dana anyway, I have enjoyed most of the songs; I really like her voice and her lyrics are mostly wonderful.

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