Song of the Day #2,438: ‘Hands On Your Ears’ – The Wiggles

wiggles_getting_strongIt took 324 Random Weekend posts before the iTunes Fairy finally served up a Wiggles song. I expected this to happen long ago.

And of course we’re subjected to a song by Captain Feathersword, the most annoying member of the Wiggles entourage, and the one whose name sounds the most like a sexual insult.

I might take this opportunity to finally purge the Wiggles albums from my music collection. I can’t see ever needing to hear them again.

Apologies to Captain Feathersword.

Let’s all do an exercise song, me hearties.
(singing) Hands on your ears, bend and touch your toes
Hands on your waist, fingers on your nose
Walk on your toes, stretch up tall
Now walk on your heels and be sure you don’t fall!

(stops singing) Ho-ho, that was great, me hearties. This time, we’re gonna go a little faster. Really get the heartbeat going.

(singing) Step to the front, jump up and down
Spread your arms wide and you turn around
Run on the spot, this is what you do
Now jump around the room like a kangaroo

(stops singing) Hoo-hoo-hoo! Wow, that was great, me hearties. But now, we’re gonna slow it down. Sort of like a warm-down. Here we go.

(singing) Arms up wide, swing them to the back
Swing them round in circles and you make your body slack
Bend from the waist, turn from side to side
Roll your shoulders round and round and stretch your legs wide

(stops singing) Ho-ho, well done, me hearties.


3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,438: ‘Hands On Your Ears’ – The Wiggles

  1. Shawn says:

    Another dirty song. I see ‘ho’ mentioned a couple of times. But not as bad as some earlier tunes on this blog this week. It appears to be an instructional song for would be strippers. I get it, Wiggles.

  2. Dana says:

    I seem to recall that when you startedrandom weekends on this blog all those years ago, you indicated that you would skip the children’s songs in your collection, you pedo! Guess you couldn’t help yourself in the end!

  3. Clay says:

    I worried that they might turn up but I don’t believe I vowed to skip them. Only repeats are discarded. Otherwise I must own up to whatever horrors lurk in my music collection.

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