Song of the Day #2,393: ‘Red Eyes’ – The War on Drugs

the_war_on_drugsIn the 18th spot of Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop poll is ‘Red Eyes’ by Philadelphia indie band The War on Drugs.

I find that this critics poll splits into three general categories. There are the obvious entries — the big hits that dominated radio, by the like of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith and so on. Then you have the rap, R&B and experimental tracks that only a critic can love… songs with no discernible redeeming value (let alone melody).

Finally, you have the good songs. Maybe not best of the year material in my book, but songs that pull me in from the first listen and have me interested in hearing more. Sadly, these usually make up the smallest percentage of the poll.

Today’s track falls into that category. It isn’t ground-breaking in any way — in fact, it sounds a whole lot like recent Arcade Fire songs — but it’s a nice listen. On the heels of ‘Move That Dope’ and ‘Water Fountain’ it sounds like real music.

Come and see
Where are we, is everything
On my way
To beat it down to get to my soul
Against my will
Anyone could tell it’s you comin’
Baby don’t mind
Leave it on a lie, you can have it your way

Come and ride away
It’s easier to stick to the earth
Surrounded by the night
Surrounded by the night, and you don’t grow old
But you abuse my faith
Losing every time but I don’t know where
You’re on my side again
So ride the key wherever it goes
I’ll be the one, I can’t

You’re all I’ve got to wait
You’re running in the dark and I come to my soul
You can see it through the dark, it’s comin’ our way
Well we won’t get lost inside again

Am I right? no one sees you, anyone, around here waiting
They don’t mind, they don’t hear; I hear
For the best way-oh, you’re mine, against it
I would keep you here, but I can’t

Oh, I am trying to see the right, right way
And I don’t see it there where I come from

She’s on my side again
The easy way
I come to my soul
Walking in the downtown
Talk to my soul
They won’t get lost inside again
I’m on my way
I can see it the darkness coming my way
Well we’re here
Don’t get lost inside
Yeah you won’t get lost inside at all
You’re on my way


One thought on “Song of the Day #2,393: ‘Red Eyes’ – The War on Drugs

  1. Dana says:

    Sounds a bit like Foster the People. Not bad.

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