Song of the Day #2,072: ‘High & Wild’ – Angel Olsen

angel_olsenMy last obscure newcomer for the week offers up the most interesting song of the bunch.

Angel Olsen is an indie folk rocker from St. Louis who has released an EP and two full-length albums, most recently a record called Burn Your Fire For No Witness. This record is her first with a full band, in contrast to her earlier material which I’ve seen compared to Elliott Smith.

‘High & Wild’ has an appealingly muscular groove that fits nicely, though I could see the same song working as an acoustic ballad.

You’re gone, you’re gone
You’re with me but you’re gone
A feeling once so strong is now an old forgotten song
That you don’t sing so high and wild

You’re here, you’re here
But your spirit disappeared off to some place that I don’t know
Some demon thing has squashed your soul and I don’t recognize you

I wish that this would turn our pain to bliss
And we could put our fears aside and learn to laugh and be alive
And let our bodies be revived

But you can’t say that you love me
How am I supposed to think that’s the truth?
Well, has it ever been easy for you to stand behind the things that I do?

I want for this pass,
For us both to say at last
That on this dark and narrow path the sun is shining
And we remember what it is we’re living for

I’m neither innocent or wise
But when you look in my eyes
You may as well be blind
You don’t see me anymore

And you can’t tell me that you love me
When I’m standing in your way…
Well this would all be so much easier
If I had nothing more to say

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,072: ‘High & Wild’ – Angel Olsen

  1. Dana says:

    I could hear this as part of a soundtrack to some indie film.

  2. pegclifton says:

    Very nice voice and good sound; I agree with Dana about it sounding like a soundtrack to some indie film

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