Song of the Day #1,927: ‘No Caminho Do Bem’ – Tim Maia

cityofgodThis song, along with its brethren on the City of God soundtrack, represent the most exotic music in my library.

I’ve never been into “world music,” though I certainly appreciate it in its Americanized form thanks to Paul Simon, David Byrne and others. The only foreign language artist I listen to is Shakira, and that was more a happy accident than anything.

No, my music collection is pretty much an Anglo affair.

But the film City of God made such an impression on me that I couldn’t resist buying the soundtrack, which features both score and pop tunes performed in Portuguese. And while this album isn’t in constant rotation, I enjoy listening to it.

Perhaps that’s because I associate the songs with scenes from the film. Or maybe I’d be a big fan of Portuguese music if only I’d give it a shot.


One thought on “Song of the Day #1,927: ‘No Caminho Do Bem’ – Tim Maia

  1. Dana says:

    I’d say Portugese music makes up no more than 15% of my current collection. It is probably the most represented country after Germany, France and, of course, Nepal.😄

    Interesting how much today’s song borrows from American 70s soul. In fct, I would be surprised if this was originally an American song with English lyrics.

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