Song of the Day #1,850: ‘Nice’ – Thisway

thiswayI’ve been writing this blog long enough now (more than 5 years without missing a day!) that sometimes previous posts are completely new to me.

When Thisway popped up as today’s Random Weekend selection, I started writing about how I have no recollection of how I discovered this band and their one album in the late 90s. But the sentiment felt vaguely familiar, so I search the Meet Me In Montauk archive and, sure enough, I’d written just that already.

Not to toot my own horn, but I found that old post quite amusing, with its suggestion that two other CDs conceived this one on my shelf and the nugget about the band being dropped from their label “soon after the September 11th attacks.”

So rather than attempt to recreate the magic, I will refer you to my previous consideration of Thisway.

He’s really nice but much to old for her
She didn’t like to be that cruel
If different scars had not shone through to her, she might be labeled a fool,

She’s really nice but I’ve not said everything
She’s like a line that pulls these strings
Here on fizzin’ up every inch of her
She might be livin’ her dreams
Sshe might be livin’ her dreams
They’re really nice, they’re really, they’re really, they’re really nice

It’s really nice fallin’ into place, it’s really nice to be you,
It’s really nice falling, fade away,

I’m feelin’ low, I feel my insides burn
Like to take a chance with you now if you could reconsider me

I’ll be just for you, I’ll be just for you,
And really nice,
And really, and really, and really nice

It’s really nice fallin’ into place, its really nice to be you,
It’s really nice falling, fade away,

Wish everyone was just like me,
Wish everyone was what they seemed,
Wish everyone took my advice,
Wish everyone was really nice,

And really,
It’s really nice falling into place,
It’s really nice to be you,
It’s really nice fallin’ fade away,


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,850: ‘Nice’ – Thisway

  1. Amy says:

    So I guess the obvious question is… have you listened to any songs by this band in the 1000 days that have passed between the random selection fairy deciding to find another one to feature?

    Also, I wonder if they’ve ever been picked up by another label? I half expect to see their lead singer featured on The Voice with a nifty back story about how they were on the road to stardom until that fateful day… I like the sound of this song well enough. It has a familiar ring to it, which, I suppose, is part of the problem. Not much is original. Still, that hasn’t stopped dozens of other bands from making it.

  2. Dana says:

    A number of funny things about this post and the old one. First one is the idea of CD procreation.

    Second one is that I had expected the first post to be somewhere around song number 59, yet it was song 859 posted almost three years into the blog. Scary (but admirable and appreciated) how long you have been doing this!

    Third, I had completely forgotten that this was the American Taliban band! And I thought song 859 explained why they were booted off the label! Clearly, it was today’s offering. Why, just look at these lyrics! The last verse is obviously Bin Laden talking to America. And the reference to “fall in’, fade away” in the chorus? Wake up, folks!, He is talking about the twin towers!

    I demand you sell this album ASAP and NEVER feature this subversive band again on this blog, not even 3 years from now when they again pop up on random weekends and seem “vaguely familiar.”

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