Song of the Day #1,836: ‘One (Blake’s Got a New Face)’ – Vampire Weekend

vampire_weekendOf all the songs on Vampire Weekend’s stellar debut album, ‘One (Blake’s Got a New Face)’ was the hardest to love at first listen. It starts out great, with one of those Graceland riffs that permeate the record, but once Ezra Koenig hits the chorus, all bets are off.

Now I must go on record and say that I’ve always kind of liked the call-and-answer shrillness of this song’s chorus. Its oddness suggests the confidence with which the whole record was made.

But regardless of how I feel about this song, it’s not something I would want to play around other people. It’s funny how you can like a song (or movie or show) and yet never want to hear (or see) it around anybody else, because you know it won’t go over well. You start to hear it through their ears and it’s suddenly annoying.

This is one of those songs I’ll listen to only when alone.

Occident out on the weekend
That’s the way that we relax

English breakfast tastes like Darjeeling
But she’s too cute to even ask

Blake’s got a new face (Blake’s got a new face)

Nastiness will cause your doom
Turn and walk back to your room

The precedent’s already set now
You spend a week in old San Juan

Spanish brownstone with chairs of leather
And Spanish waves to roll along

Majesty’s not overheard
Cryptographs can’t stand the word

Oh your collegiate grief has left you dowdy in sweatshirts
Absolute horror!


One thought on “Song of the Day #1,836: ‘One (Blake’s Got a New Face)’ – Vampire Weekend

  1. Dana says:

    I would proudly play this song in a crowd, though admittedly, my crowd (I.e. my family) loves Vampire Weekend as much if not more than I do.😄

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