Song of the Day #1,682: ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Joe Jackson

blaze_of_gloryThere is something about much of Joe Jackson’s music that keeps me at arm’s length. A broad, theatrical quality merged with a braininess that makes it difficult to form an emotional connection.

I don’t feel that way about all of his songs but I feel that way about enough of them to keep me from listening to him very often.

One exception is his debut album, 1979’s Look Sharp!, a New Wave/punk classic that’s as urgent and ballsy as his later work is distant.

I also love Laughter & Lust, which shares more in common with his less accessible work but somehow hits all the right notes. And of course I love ‘Steppin’ Out’ and ‘Breaking Us in Two,’ his two biggest hits.

But a song like today’s Random SOTD leaves me cold, even as I admire the songcraft and the musicianship.

Hey – did you ever see so many stars in the sky
Yeah – and can you imagine how many we can’t even see
Imagine we’re in the middle of the Galaxy
Yeah – Imagine how many blazing stars there’d be

We’re gonna fly in Tomorrow’s World
And there’ll be cities on the moon
No one’ll die in Tomorrow’s World
And miracles will happen soon
In Tomorrow’s World

Hey – d’you remember that rocket they blasted into God knows where
Yeah – with the pictures for someone to find
With chemical symbols saying
Hi how you doin’ to the folks out there

Yeah – they put the Bach music in
Left all the shit behind
Sometimes I think we should be sending out an SOS
But mostly I just think of all the things I can’t wait to see

We’re gonna live in Tomorrow’s World
We’ll live on power from the sun
We’re gonna live in Tomorrow’s World
And there’ll be food for everyone
In Tomorrow’s World

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,682: ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – Joe Jackson

  1. Amy says:

    Today’s post once again gets to the heart of our ancient albums vs. songs debate. Why not just create a Joe Jackson playlist of songs you love, then sell all of the albums back? 🙂

    As for this song, eh…. I don’t like it, but I don’t think that’s because of the qualities you mention above. It’s just not nearly as good as other songs he has written that might have a similar sound (there is one in particular this one reminds me of…. but it’s eluding me at the moment).

  2. Dana says:

    Well, I like this song, though I wouldn’t count it amongst my favorites of his generally or on this album. This album however improves as it goes, so I would recommend giving it a full listen. The title track, “blaze of glory” is great as is the closing track “human touch.”

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