Song of the Day #4,404: ‘Five Guys Named Moe’ – Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson’s 1981 Jumpin’ Jive — his fourth studio album — features a dozen covers of 1940s Swing-era classics.

This album was sandwiched between the punk-tinged New Wave of his first few albums and the more musically sophisticated pop he would deliver on his next album, Night and Day.

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Song of the Day #4,342: ‘Go For It’ – Joe Jackson

Happy Anniversary to my sister, Amy, and her husband of 28 years (and more important, frequent commenter on this blog), Dana.

Best wishes to both of you for making it through another year, even as the global pandemic has robbed you of your weekly dinner-and-a-movie date nights.

And now, to celebrate the occasion, the Random iTunes Fairy will serve up a song that I hope will be either sweetly appropriate or hilariously inappropriate.

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Song of the Day #3,902: ‘When You’re Not Around’ – Joe Jackson

Well, this is a bit awkward. When checking to see which songs I’ve posted from Joe Jackson’s Laughter & Lust, my #5 album of 1991, I realized that in a previous Decades post I named this my #4 album of 1990.

I double-checked, and the album was indeed released in 1991 (April, to be exact) so I’m not sure how I mistakenly shifted it a year early back then. At least I’m consistent with the placement.

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Song of the Day #3,870: ‘Friend Better’ – Joe Jackson

Singer-songwriter and all-around cool guy Joe Jackson has released his first new album in four years. Titled Fool, the record is receiving some of his best reviews in years.

I was actually surprised to see Jackson has been relatively prolific over the past couple of decades. Fool is his sixth release of the 2000s, which isn’t exactly a torrid pace but more than I would have guessed, likely due to a lack of publicity.

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Song of the Day #3,161: ‘The Other Me’ – Joe Jackson

joe_jackson_laughter_lustMy #4 album of 1990 is Joe Jackson’s Laughter & Lust, the signer-songwriter’s 12th studio album and the last to have any kind of chart success. This is the first Jackson album I owned and I played it quite a bit during my early college years.

My favorite track on Laughter & Lust is today’s SOTD, ‘The Other Me.’ It’s a brazenly romantic song about regretting the loss of an old love, but not quite enough to end your current relationship.

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