Song of the Day #1,557: ‘Quiet Heart’ – The Go-Betweens

It’s funny how some band names are familiar while the bands remain a complete mystery.

A week ago, had I heard of The Go-Betweens? Absolutely. Did I know they were an Australian indie pop band that released a handful of critically acclaimed albums in the 80s? No way.

I might have guessed 70s punk or 90s grunge. Maybe I would have pegged the decade, but only by luck, certainly not familiarity.

The band actually reformed in 2000, teaming up with Sleater-Kinney to release four albums. Maybe that’s when I heard of them.

Their best-received album was 1988’s 16 Lovers Lane, and it’s a doozy. It has been called the “Australian Rumours” or “indie Rumours” because it has thematic (and musical) parallels to the Fleetwood Mac classic.

16 Lovers Lane is a lo-fi, passionate, moody album packed with hooks. It featured the minor hit ‘Streets Of Your Town’ (which is new to me) but every song could be a single.

I don’t know if I’ll chase down the whole Go-Betweens catalog, but this album is a wonderful find. Between the two Big Star records and this one, I already feel like the musical genome project has unearthed buried treasure.

The heater’s on
The windows are thin
I’m trying hard
To keep this warmth in
I turn to her
She’s sound asleep
Someplace I don’t know
Doesn’t matter how far you’ve come
You’ve always got further to go

I tried to tell you
I can only say it when we’re apart
About this storm inside of me
And how I miss your quiet, quiet heart.

Two hours on
My eyes are open
There’s bad blood between us
What did I say
That made you cry?
Our dream won’t die
Doesn’t matter how far you’ve come
You’ve always got further to go.


What is that light?
That small red light
Scorpio rising
Doesn’t matter how far you come
You’ve always got further to go


One thought on “Song of the Day #1,557: ‘Quiet Heart’ – The Go-Betweens

  1. Dana says:

    Another band I’ve never heard of. Not hearing much in the way of fleet wood Mac here, but the sound is nice enough.

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