Song of the Day #1,504: ‘Looking For Nothing’ – Aimee Mann

I can’t think of a better choice as my first example of a ‘Melancholy’ artist than Aimee Mann. She’s probably the first three results on a Google search of the word melancholy (that’s the 21st century version of the old picture-in-the-dictionary cliché).

Yes, she’s the saddest, loneliest woman to ever strap on a guitar, and I love every damn minute of it. Nobody captures existential malaise or Gen X ennui as well as she does and, all the better, she does it with a mordant sense of humor and an acute melodic ear.

Though she embodies the ‘Melancholy’ category of my musical genome, Mann is another multi-tasker. She brings the ‘Pure Pop’ when she wants to, dating all the way back to her Til Tuesday years as well as on her solo albums Whatever and I’m With Stupid.

And though she’s a guitar gal at heart, she has earned an honorary spot in the ‘Piano Men (and Women)’ category thanks to her reliance on that instrument on such albums as The Forgotten Arm and @#%&*! Smilers.

Mann’s eighth studio album, Charmer, is due out in a few weeks. I hope it’ll be melancholy as hell. The first single, however, is surprisingly upbeat, and features a video in which Laura Linney portrays a robotic replacement for Mann. Everybody’s gotta have fun sometime.

Macka wants to ride on the mouse and the Tilt-a-Whirl
Canada is looking for a smile from a pin-up girl

But I ain’t looking for nothing
Just spend the money I made
I ain’t gotta do nothing

Everybody’s waiting for their thing just to come along
They all got something they can pin all their feelings on

But I ain’t looking for nothing
Just spend the money I made
No, I ain’t looking for nothing

I got high on the Ferris wheel
Didn’t like how it made me feel
So alone
Another cog in the loading zone

Macka went on home when the fireworks and rides were done
Canada got busted with a girl who was way too young

But I wasn’t looking for nothing
Not trouble, money, or thrills
‘Cause when you’re looking for nothing
Baby, it’s not the speed that kills

I’m not looking for nothing
Just spend my money and go
I’m not looking for nothing
To put me in the rodeo

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,504: ‘Looking For Nothing’ – Aimee Mann

  1. Dana says:

    You would think a long term successful relationship and career would brighten this woman up!😃 Still, melancholy works for her.

  2. pegclifton says:

    Love the melancholy and the sound; great song.

  3. Amy says:

    I agree with Dana (about the fact that she should lighten the heck up!), and I have little use for this category, which would decidedly not be on my Pandora.

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