Song of the Day #1,424: ‘I Would Be in Love (Anyway)’ – Bomb Dawg

Best Albums of the 70s – #9
Watertown – Frank Sinatra (1970)

Frank Sinatra’s broken-heart concept album Watertown is one of only two albums that I’ve represented in their entirety on this blog. You can read my track-by-track analysis of the project here.

I wrote more about the lasting emotional power of Watertown in those 11 posts than I could hope to convey again here, so suffice it to say that the record may be the last transcendent moment Sinatra committed to tape and it works both for that reason and because it is a marvelous bit of theatrical storytelling.

Because of my hard and fast rule that I must never feature the same recording more than once on this blog, I found myself in a bit of a spot. I couldn’t track down any alternate or live versions of these songs performed by Sinatra (at least not on YouTube).

But then I happened upon a series of concert clips by a band called Bomb Dawg. Bomb Dawg is a St. Louis band who have absolutely no Web presence except for a series of YouTube clips documenting an August 2011 set at local concert spot called The Firebird during which the band played Frank Sinatra’s Watertown in its entirety.

How cool is that? Odds are nobody in the audience had ever heard of Watertown, and it’s not exactly the kind of music you sway along to, drink in hand, at a local music joint. But these three guys stood on stage and poured their hearts into every last song — ‘Goodbye (She Quietly Says),’ ‘Michael and Peter,’ every depressing minute.

They don’t sound particularly good but damn, I admire their spirit and dedication. Maybe there’s hope yet for the next generation.

If I lived the past over, saw today from yesterday
I would be in love anyway
If I knew that you’d leave me, if I knew you wouldn’t stay
I would be in love anyway

Sometimes I think, think about before
Sometimes I think, if I knew then what I know now
I don’t believe I’d ever change, somehow

Though you’ll never be with me, and there are no words to say
I’ll still be in love anyway

If I knew then what I know now
I don’t believe I’d ever change, somehow

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,424: ‘I Would Be in Love (Anyway)’ – Bomb Dawg

  1. pegclifton says:

    Needless to say, I am thrilled that this made your top 10 list of albums! Yes, and how cool are these guys to take this challenge; you gotta love them!

  2. Dana says:

    When I first saw the SOTD post on Facebook on my phone, I thought you had completely lost your mind. He is putting some album by a group called Bomb Dawg on his 70’s top 10 list? I was all set to crucify you on spec. So now that I am at my computer and see that you are really listing Watertown, I need to calm down.

    As with Carly Simon and No Secrets, I did not grow up with Sinatra, let alone Watertown, as a family institution. Unlike Simon, however, I generally had a negative impression of Sinatra, as I was far more familiar with the work he was performing in the 80’s (i.e. “New York, New York”) than his work from the 70’s or what was probably his even better work in the 40’s through 60’s.

    Since joining the Clifton clan, of course, I have had increased exposure to Old Blue Eyes, including hearing this album and living through your blog tribute. I still can’t deal with what I consider the schmalz of Sinatra’s later work, but I can understand why you love Watertown. It doesn’t have any particular emotional impact for me, but I still get why you like it.

    Meanwhile, I need to now go and buy up the Bomb Dawg discography…I mean, come on people! This is extraordinary stuff:)

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    The Bomb Dawg stuff is one of the coolest finds I have discovered on YouTube. Twice a month I do a feature on my blog called Battle of the Bands where I pit two versions of one song against each other for visitors to vote on. Since Watertown is one of my favorite albums I wanted to used some of the songs from it, but they are difficult to find them covered. Bomb Dawg opened the door for me. Tomorrow I’m featuring “What’s Now Is Now” between Sinatra and Cake–didn’t know Cake had a version until it was linked on the page for Bomb Dawg’s version. Eventually I’ll use one of the Bomb Dawg cuts.

    It’s cool to find another fan of the album. Now I’ll check out your other post. Please come over to vote on my Battle if you’d like. We have a great time with it and I’ll be interested to see the reaction to the song from Watertown.

    Tossing It Out

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