Song of the Day #254: ‘Hold It In’ – Jukebox the Ghost

ghost1I saw Ben Folds in concert the other night and these guys were the opening act. My general reaction to opening acts is annoyance… I attend live shows infrequently and when I do it’s because I want to see the headliner. I don’t want to sit through a 30-minute set by some band I’ve never heard of just to get to the good stuff.

Now that’s a poor attitude to have, I realize. The opportunity to open a show for an established artist is manna from heaven for a struggling band looking for new fans. How else would Jukebox the Ghost be able to play to a captive audience of that size? And getting Folds’ stamp of approval goes a long way for a group that plays the same sort of smart piano pop he does.

My best experience with an opening act was when Tift Merritt opened for Elvis Costello in Miami a few years back. I had just picked up her album Tambourine and loved it, so the show came at exactly the right time. I was able to meet her and get her autograph on her first CD, Bramble Rose. That experience almost eclipsed the Elvis show.

Jukebox the Ghost wasn’t that memorable, but they were impressive enough that I ordered their debut album today. It was fun seeing them break down their own stage equipment and hawk their CDs and t-shirts after the concert. They’re in that middle ground between local band that shouldn’t quit their day jobs and professional musicians. I hope they make it.

Jump into that water and see for yourself
Take a deep breath and hold it in, hold it in

She’s got a secret and she wants to tell
But I made a promise to hold it in, hold it in

Baby I’m in love and maybe it’s not to tell
Only thing that I can do is hold it in, hold it in

I was told that I’m a man now and I’m not allowed to cry
The only thing that I can do is hold it in, hold it in

Life is “Oh my God, if I tell him, he’ll tell her, and then she will know I like her!”
Good grief! I don’t think that I can take this heartbreak any longer
I will not hold it in
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Well there’s a couple with a baby and it’s no secret why
Neither one was able to hold it in, hold it in

Kids in the streets yeah they’re all getting high
Everybody’s screaming “hold it in, hold it in!”

If there’s a God, He’s embarrassed and it’s no secret why
The only thing that He can do is hold it in, hold it in

So I printed him a letter to be sent out to sea
Looking for a bottle to hold it in, hold it in

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #254: ‘Hold It In’ – Jukebox the Ghost

  1. pegclifton says:

    what an adorable video!! cute song too.

  2. Amy says:

    Love the video; it demonstrates that same easy charm they had on stage. Great song, too. I agree with you, also, about opening acts in general. We’ve seen some great ones over the year – some established, some not so much (Robert Cray, Bruce Hornsby, Fiona Apple, to name some of the more memorable ones).

    Ideally, the band/artist selected as the opening act should appeal to the audience member who has shelled out cash for the headliner. It’s not as if the headliner wants to start the concert off with an annoyed and impatient audience. So… maybe we’ve got it all wrong. We should view buying the ticket as an opportunity to be exposed to new music selected just for people like us 🙂

    I think I’ll be downloading some Jukebox the Ghost music, as well. And – just cause it has to be said – what a great band name.

  3. Dana says:

    I too share both the feeling of annoyance at having to sit through an opening act and the pleasant surprise, which I experienced the other night, when that act turns out to be really very good and something I might actually want to hear beyond the concert. My first impulse of annoyance was compounded here when the sound people were not able to get the mix right, with the piano and the piano player’s vocals being so low as to be inaudible and the drums being way too loud. I was thinking we were in for a looooong 45 minutes. But by the second song, they started to get the mix right (though they never did get the vocals loud enough, or the piano) and it became increasingly obvious that this band was exceedingly good.

    Thank you so much for finding and sharing today’s song–I really thought it was pretty great in concert, but I couldn’t begin to pick out all of the clever lyrics. I might find myself picking up their CD as well (or having you burn me a copy:))

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