Song of the Day #78: ‘Don’t Answer Me’ – Alan Parsons Project

The second video (after ‘Take On Me’) that leaped to mind when I decided on this music video theme was Alan Parsons Project’s animated classic ‘Don’t Answer Me.’

The extremely simple, comic book-inspired tale follows a Dick Tracy lookalike liberating his ex from a big, abusive galut.

I didn’t really remember the song very well before digging it up for today’s entry. I’m a little surprised to hear how much it owes to the Ronnie Spektor girl-group style, especially the drums and the horn break in the middle.

It’s curious that the two videos I recalled most fondly this week were animated. Maybe that’s because they hold up better over time than live-action videos with dated haircuts and clothes. Or maybe it’s nostalgia for a lost innocence, looking back during a time when most MTV videos are a cross between soft-core porn and a John Woo movie.

Whatever the reason, thank god for YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #78: ‘Don’t Answer Me’ – Alan Parsons Project

  1. Dana says:

    For a brief period of time in the 80’s, I was a big fan of APP. I think this song is very good, and I also loved Days are Numbers and Eye in the Sky. I suppose its hard not to like a guy who was involved with and influenced by two of the best albums by the Beatles (Abbey Road) and Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon). Not sure what ever happened to APP, but I may just pluck some of these faves for my ITunes collection:) Thanks, again, for the memory.

  2. Amy says:

    I completely forgot about this video, though I always loved this song. There is a charm about this video that seems largely missing from the ones made today. I wonder if a modern band were to serve up such a video what today’s teenagers would make of it.

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