Song of the Day #3,493: ‘No Man’s Land’ – Rupert Gregson-Williams

My last 2017 movie music moment is the cheat I mentioned earlier this week. That’s because my love for this scene has very little to do with the music. I just didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to feature my favorite moment from one of the great cinematic surprises of last year, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

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Song of the Day #3,317: ‘Lie’ – Noy Alooshe

To give myself time to tabulate the results of Montauk Madness Round Three and prepare the Round Four matchups, I leave you with something far worthier of your time and attention than my usual ramblings.

Here is a webcam video of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot lip-syncing an Israeli musician’s song while wearing lingerie. Continue reading