Song of the Day #941: ‘Speechless’ – Lady GaGa

I’m about two years late, but I’ve finally hopped on the Lady GaGa bandwagon.

I recently bought her two albums (in one bargain-priced package) with a gift card I received for my birthday. My logic was as follows: I like five of her songs — ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Paparazzi,’ ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Telephone’ — enough to buy them on iTunes. That’s a $6 investment right there. If even four of the 17 remaining songs on her albums are worth owning, it’s more cost-efficient to buy the 2-disc set than to pick and choose.

And I had a gift card, so it wasn’t like real money.

Yes, I realize it’s a bit deranged that I have this much of an inner struggle over whether to buy a CD. But I take these things seriously, in case you haven’t picked up on that by now.

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Song of the Day #641: ‘Bad Romance’ – Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga could potentially be a second impression artist for me, because the first impression has not been a very good one. More likely she’ll remain one of those acts, like Lil Wayne, that critics and fans alike fawn over while I scratch my head, not getting it.

Let me clarify. I get the GaGa-ness of Lady GaGa — her outlandish style, the Marilyn Manson meets Madonna thing she has going on. It’s her music that I don’t get.

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