Song of the Day #1,261: ‘Super Anthem’ – Nicki Minaj & LMFAO (mash-up)

Next week I will start counting down my top ten songs of 2011, focusing not necessarily on hot singles or songs that captured the zeitgeist this year but simply the songs that affected me the most for one reason or another.

First, though, I will spend a week on several odds and ends that didn’t make the countdown but made my musical year brighter each in their own way.

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Song of the Day #1,105: ‘Party Rock Anthem’ – LMFAO (featuring Lauren Bennett, GoonRock)

I suppose it will be necessary, at the end of these two weeks of summer singles, for me to declare my pick for the official song of the summer.

The early favorites were Bruno Mars, whose ‘The Lazy Song’ perfectly captures the summer spirit in both sound and theme, and Katy Perry, who was seemingly genetically engineered to produce summer hits.

Lady GaGa had a good showing with her anthemic ‘Edge of Glory,’ a song I suspect we’ll hear all over NFL and NBA ads this year if those leagues get their act together and actually have seasons. And I have a soft spot for Nicki Minaj’s addictively twisted ‘Super Bass.’

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