Song of the Day #3,922: ‘Da’ – Nil Lara

Nil Lara is a Miami musician who my wife and I saw live a few times back in the 90s. His early self-released albums and EPs were excellent.

Lara signed with a major label in 1995, releasing a self-titled album that collected his best work in more polished (and less effective, IMO) form. He didn’t put out another album until 2004’s Da, on which today’s SOTD is the opening track.

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Song of the Day #808: ‘Fighting For My Love’ – Nil Lara

I’ve never been big on local bands. I know that’s an awful thing to say, because supporting local music is important and “right” sort of like supporting mom and pop stories is better than going to chains.

But in my experience, local bands usually suck. I also buy most of my music at Best Buy or through Amazon, so sue me.

I guess the appeal of following the local music scene is that amid all the crap you’ll occasionally find a diamond, and you’ll be able to say that you were there when they were nobody. But who has the time? The very thought of it depresses me.

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