Song of the Day #3,439: ‘Book of Dreams’ – Bruce Springsteen

It’s a rare twofer on Random iTunes Weekends, with back-to-back songs by The Boss. Today’s track is from Bruce Springsteen’s 1992 album Lucky Town.

Lucky Town was released the same day as Human Touch, and the general critical consensus was that the two albums would have been better served if some of the fat was trimmed and they were combined into one record.

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Song of the Day #1,245: ‘Better Days’ – Bruce Springsteen

I used the word “dud” yesterday to describe Bruce Springsteen’s Lucky Town and that was probably unfair. It is generally lumped together with Human Touch — understandably, as they were released simultaneously — but it is widely considered the stronger record.

Springsteen had nearly completed Human Touch and he set out to write one more song. Instead he came up with ten, and decided to release them as a separate album. I haven’t heard either of the albums but everything I’ve read suggests that this one is the keeper.

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