Song of the Day #4,076: ‘The Moment of Conception’ – David Byrne

Here’s a track from David Byrne’s 2001 album Look Into the Eyeball, a record that represents the moment my fandom started to wane.

Prior to this, Byrne has released a string of four great solo albums between 1989 and 1997, culminating with Feelings, the best of them. That period also found me in my late teens and early 20s, a prime musical discovery zone.

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Song of the Day #568: ‘Everyone’s In Love With You’ – David Byrne

In 2001, David Byrne released his fifth solo record, Look Into the Eyeball. It was a bit of a letdown following the heights of Feelings but it’s a solid collection nonetheless.

If Byrne tries something new on every album, on this one it was his liberal use of a string section on most of the tracks. Today’s SOTD is one of the few exceptions. But although it isn’t representative of the album as a whole, I chose it because it marks a departure for Byrne in another way… it’s a song about a recognizably human couple.

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