Song of the Day #744: ‘My First Kiss’ – 3OH!3 featuring Ke$ha

This summer single experiment has been interesting and illuminating. I really like the experience of hearing a song for the first time when I’m about to write it up. It’s the polar opposite of what I usually do on this blog, posting songs I know by heart. I think I’ll continue to do this from time to time so I can keep tabs on what the kids are listening to.

Apart from a brief mention of 3OH!3 by my sister a few weeks ago, I have absolutely no idea who or what they are. Based on the image I found to accompany this blog entry, I’d guess they are cousins to MGMT. Of course I’m not all that familiar with MGMT’s music either, so that doesn’t do me much good. Now, off to hear their big summer single, which features accompaniment (of course) by Ke$ha.

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Song of the Day #574: Ke$ha – ‘TiK ToK’

After missing so many pop star hitmakers over the years I feel like I’m finally in the right place at the right time to discover Ke$ha. Of course, I just found out that her hit song ‘TiK ToK’ actually came out in August of last year, so I guess I’m not as hip as I thought.

But her debut album, Animal, was released just a few weeks ago. I don’t own it, nor do I plan to, but I know who she is and that’s a start. I’m also immensely grateful to her for knocking Susan Boyle off the top of the charts after the Scot’s impressive run. I don’t know why I harbor such disdain for Susan Boyle, but I can’t deny that I do.

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