Song of the Day #2,202: ‘Dickhead’ – Kate Nash

kate_nash_made_of_bricksI bought Kate Nash’s Made of Bricks in 2007 when it was riding a wave of critical hype. I listened to it once, was thoroughly unimpressed, then shelved it, never to hear it again.

Until today, when the charmingly titled ‘Dickhead’ popped up as today’s Random iTunes selection.

Have the ensuing seven years changed my mind about the merits of Ms. Nash?

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The music of 2008

With a couple high-profile releases (Counting Crows and R.E.M.) on the way over the next two weeks, I thought this would be a good time to catch up with the CDs I’ve purchased so far in 2008. I plan to review all of my music purchases this year.

I don’t feel as qualified to “review” albums as I do films, due to my lack of musical ability, I suppose, and the fact that I’ve never studied it in any formal way. However, it’s a safe bet that I’ve spent more hours of my life listening to music than watching movies, and I definitely know what I like.

Here, then, are my first reviews of 2008. I’ll compile them in one post because this is a catch-up effort. From now on I’ll blog one at a time as I do the movies.

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