Song of the Day #4,233: ‘Criminal’ – Fiona Apple

Jennifer Lopez’s introduction in Hustlers was one of the great moments in cinema last year, musical or otherwise. And I promise I say that as a movie fan, not a guy who enjoys watching Lopez work the pole.

By framing this moment through the eyes of Constance Wu’s character, writer/director Lorene Scafaria makes Lopez’s dance not about her sexuality but her power. She is not a sex object… she’s the subject, specifically subjecting her will on the helpless men in the audience. She commands the stage, separating men from their money just as she will later in the movie through more nefarious methods. It’s appropriate that her song of choice is titled ‘Criminal.’

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Song of the Day #2,260: ‘Booty’ – Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea

jennifer_lopez_bootyI guess the late summer of the ass song was bound to culminate in something as horrible as this. Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty,’ featuring Iggy Azalea, is the sort of thing that makes me sympathize with the terrorists.

This song was initially released with a rap by frequent J Lo collaborator Pitbull, but somebody realized that two female asses are better than one, so Iggy Azalea was recruited for the remix. Thirty-three million YouTube views (and counting) suggest that somebody was right.

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