Song of the Day #775: ‘How Do You Do’ – Shakira

Here’s the Jungian album cover I promised. Thank you, Jung! As Shakira explained, “the reference is to a universal archetype of Eve and the original sin. I think that is something that is really subconsciously in our minds. On the cover of Vol. 2 I wanted to add another reason for Eve to bite the forbidden fruit – that would be her oral fixation.”

Works for me.

Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 might not be the best album Shakira has released, but I find it the most interesting. Stylistically it’s all over the map, with club songs ramming up against florid ballads and alternative rockers. And lyrically Shakira touches on a wider range of topics than she has in the past, including a dip into global politics with ‘Timor.’

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