Song of the Day #2,605: ‘Hey There Delilah (Live)’ – Plain White T’s

plain_white_tsLike yesterday, today I want to write about a song that I featured on the blog ages ago. In this case I’m going even farther back, more than seven years ago, to Song of the Day #38, Plain White T’s’ ‘Hey There Delilah.’

This song came up randomly in my car the other day and for the first time it struck me as deeply sad. Though I don’t think the text of the song implies it, I suddenly felt very strongly that the singer believes he and Delilah will never be together.

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Song of the Day #38: ‘Hey There Delilah’ – Plain White T’s

Today I celebrate the joys of product placement.

I wonder if musician guest spots on TV shows do any good. I’m talking about the sort of thing where The Shins, say, turn up playing the local bar on Gossip Girl (that hasn’t actually happened, as far as I know… it’s just a hypothetical).

One such guest spot I remember, because it combined two of my favorite things, was Aimee Mann’s appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She played two songs in the background of a couple bar scenes and even got to deliver a line (“Man, I hate playing vampire towns”). But I doubt any non-Aimee Mann fans ran out to buy her album.

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