Song of the Day #3,412: ‘Tears in Heaven (Unplugged)’ – Eric Clapton

Many artists released album version of their MTV Unplugged performances, but none was as successful as Eric Clapton. His 1992 release sold 26 million copies, making it the all-time top-selling live album. It also won three Grammys, including Album of the Year.

Critically, it wasn’t as well-loved. Many critics bemoaned the sleepy treatment given to raging guitar classic ‘Layla,’ while the Chicago Tribune called it a “blues album for yuppies.”

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Song of the Day #2,007: ‘Wonderful Tonight’ – Eric Clapton

captain_phillipsThis musical movie moment is a bit of a stretch — the song plays for just a bit and very much in the background — but I wanted an excuse to sing the praises of Captain Phillips, so please cut me some slack.

This film rocketed to my top five based on three tried-and-true moviegoing theories, which I will detail below.

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Song of the Day #801: ‘We’re All the Way’ – Eric Clapton

Up next in the Aged White Rocker series is Eric Clapton. Apart from acknowledging Clapton’s guitar god status, I haven’t really given his career much thought or attention. I can probably count on one hand the songs of his I know well.

I don’t know if this disconnect represents a massive hole in my music collection or if Clapton just isn’t my cup of tea. I do know that I very much like the one album of his I won, Slowhand. It’s not something I listen to very often (ok, I’ll be honest, I probably haven’t listened to it in its entirety in more than a decade) but revisiting it for this blog I recognize it as the classic 70’s rock album it is.

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