Song of the Day #3,180: ‘Under the Sheets’ – Ellie Goulding

My only association with this Ellie Goulding song, from her 2010 debut album Lights, is my impersonation of its opening lines. My wife was (is?) a fan of this album, while I would pass up no chance to make fun of it.

My schoolyard taunts included saying Goulding sounds like a “wispy unicorn,” mocking her pronunciation of “this love” as “this loaf” and singing the beginning of this song as “a toy a too a tee a toe” in my best Ellie Goulding accent.

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Song of the Day #1,263: ‘Lights’ – Ellie Goulding

Today is my wife’s birthday, so I’m celebrating the occasion by featuring an artist she has recently discovered.

It’s rare that my wife seeks out music on her own… she generally listens to the same albums (or singles, more often) that she has listened to for years. Or she’ll pick up on something I’ve been listening to and adopt it as her own (Miranda Lambert, for example).

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