Song of the Day #3,775: ‘Everybody Loves You Now’ – Billy Joel

Here’s a great song from Billy Joel’s debut album, 1971’s Cold Spring Harbor. A live version was later released on the 1981 compilation album Songs in the Attic.

‘Everybody Loves You Now’ is a bitter serenade to a woman who hit it big and, in the narrator’s eyes, turned her back on the neighborhood (“you ain’t got the time to go to Cold Spring Harbor no more”).

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Song of the Day #312: ‘Tomorrow is Today’ – Billy Joel

coldspringharborMy latest theme week will be a special expanded edition that spans 12 days and covers all of Billy Joel’s studio albums. This should be a nice stretch for my regular readers — all big Billy Joel fans — especially after the Rufus Wainwright theme of a couple weeks back.

First, a shout out to a fellow blogger whose write-up of Billy Joel I stumbled across while looking for the material for these posts. His blog is called Bubblegum Aesthetics, and this write-up on Billy Joel says many of the things I’d like to, and far more eloquently than I’m bound to. So enjoy that. But it won’t stop me from babbling on anyway.

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