Song of the Day #2,572: ‘Blacklisted’ – Neko Case

nekocaseHere’s a typically moody southern gothic track from Neko Case’s 2002 album Blacklisted. The whole album has this great sound.

Today’s track — the title cut — is a quick little poem that seemingly uses a train as a metaphor for a person who won’t settle down. That’s how I read it, anyway.

What’s unclear to me is how this song fits its title.

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Song of the Day #2,265: ‘Tightly’ – Neko Case

nekocaseNeko Case is one of those artists who can’t quite crack my “must listen” list even though everything she does sounds great.

The major exception is her 2006 album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, which broke through to hold a spot among my favorite albums of that decade.

But the albums she’s released before and since just haven’t had the same lasting appeal.

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Song of the Day #836: ‘Look For Me (I’ll Be Around)’ – Neko Case

Top Ten Female Vocalists – #3 – Neko Case

As I pointed out last week, four of the ten women on my list of favorite vocalists have ties to the country genre (here’s number three). And I was a fan of three of them even before my Brad Paisley-inspired entrance into country music fandom.

I suspect that’s more than a coincidence… I surmised earlier that country music tends to leave a little more room, sonically, for vocals. But maybe there’s a directness and emotional honesty in those songs that makes the voices more appealing.

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