Song of the Day #4,887: ‘Can’t Cry These Tears’ – Garbage

After two excellent electronica-fueled alt-rock albums, the band Garbage released 2001’s Beautiful Garbage and evolved their sound in interesting ways. Today’s song is a great example.

‘Can’t Cry These Tears’ is the band’s stab at a Phil Spector-style production, marrying 60s pop with their own electro-grunge aesthetic.

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Song of the Day #3,158: ‘So Like a Rose’ – Garbage

beautiful_garbageGarbage has a muscular industrial sound that could be accurately described as hard rock with an electronic flavor. They’re not exactly balladeers.

But the band has a tradition of ending each album with a slow, usually sad, song. On 2001’s Beautiful Garbage, the band’s third album, that song was ‘So Like a Rose.’

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