Song of the Day #2,926: ‘Love On the Brain’ – Rihanna

rihanna_antiBack from a splendid vacation on the islands of Hawaii, I’ll resume blogging with a week dedicated to five new albums I’ve bought this year.

I’ve purchased a total of eight albums in 2016, but I already covered David Bowie’s Blackstar and Lucinda Williams’ The Ghosts of Highway 20, which I featured track-by-track over three weeks, much to the dismay of some readers.

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Song of the Day #2,900: ‘Needed Me’ – Rihanna

rihanna_antiRihanna is featured on three of the top 12 tracks in this week’s Billboard Hot 100. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying the woman is a hitmaker.

Me, I’m a fan. I won’t get into her latest album, Anti, here because I’ll save that discussion for an upcoming theme week on this year’s album releases, but suffice it to say it’s her best work since 2009’s Rated R, and the most ambitious record of her career.

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