Song of the Day #2,649: ‘Paint It Black’ – The Rolling Stones

aftermathHere’s a song that’s nearly 50 years old but doesn’t sound a day over 25.

1966’s ‘Paint It Black’ was The Rolling Stones’ third #1 single in the U.S. (following ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ and ‘Get Off of My Cloud). They would release five more over the next 12 years and never again reach the top of the charts (barring a surprise new release by the octogenarians).

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Song of the Day #2,522: ‘Think’ – The Rolling Stones


Here’s another of those rare cases where an important milestone falls on a Random Weekend, allowing the fates to offer up either a fitting tribute or an ironic commentary on the event.

The occasion today is my oldest daughter’s 13th birthday. So, Random iTunes Fairy, what song will you deliver to mark the passing of my first born into her teenage years? Surprise us!

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Song of the Day #1,011: ‘Under My Thumb’ – The Rolling Stones

I was coming up with ideas for the follow-up to Elvis Costello Weekends and it occurred to me that if my CD collection and musical knowledge were sufficient, The Rolling Stones would be perfect candidates.

Here’s a band that often comes up in the same breath as The Beatles, who have written as many classic songs, and who have released three times as many albums. I’ve always fallen on The Beatles side of the old “Beatles or Stones” question, but there is no doubt that it’s a legitimate contest.

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Song of the Day #308: ‘I Am Waiting’ – The Rolling Stones

rushmoreI love highlighting songs featured in movies because it’s a marriage of my two great artistic passions — the peanut butter and chocolate of the entertainment world.

In some cases, a great song is made greater by its association with a movie. In other cases, a great song brings something fresh to a movie in need of the injection. And then there are cases like today’s example, where a song that never made an impression on me is suddenly revealed as great through its use in a film.

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