Song of the Day #3,465: ‘Communication’ – Ace Marino

My final post on the best films of 2017 will focus on the comedies. It was a strong year for funny movies, including some I’ve already written about earlier this week (Lady Bird, Thor: Ragnarok, Get Out and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, to name a few).

The unlikeliest great movie of the year was The Disaster Artist (#5 on my top 20), James Franco’s dramatization of the making of “the Citizen Kane of bad films,” 2003’s The Room. I caught up with that bizarre film as homework for this one, and it is certainly worthy of the cult following it has amassed. Writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau is a uniquely fascinating character, and Franco captures him in one of the year’s best performances, nailing not just Wiseau’s otherworldly accent but his focused spaciness and hostile earnestness.

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