Song of the Day #5,178: ‘Don’t Drop My Love’ – Anita Ward

I’m jumping from new wave to disco for my next one-hit wonder, but staying in 1979. That’s when former schoolteacher Anita Ward topped the charts in the U.S. and the UK with ‘Ring My Bell.’

The song was initially written about teenagers chatting over the telephone, but the lyrics were spiced up for Ward’s recording, with the title phrase taking on a suggestive metaphorical meaning.

Ward released a second full-length album — Sweet Surrender — that same year, and first single ‘Don’t Drop My Love’ found modest success on the R&B and Dance charts, while making it to #87 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This song lacks ‘Ring My Bell’s ear worm of a chorus, and therefore sounds like a rather generic disco track. Nothing else on the album caught on, and Sweet Surrender proved to be Ward’s last release for a decade.

Open your hand, I squeeze it tight
I’m putting my trust in you
If you take your time and love me right
There ain’t nothing that i won’t do

Take me higher and higher
Baby, let’s have a ball
(Let’s have a ball)
Take me higher and higher
Don’t let me fall

Don’t drop my love
Don’t drop my love
Baby, handle me with care
(Handle me, handle me)
Don’t drop my love
Don’t drop my love
I’ll follow you anywhere
(Anywhere you want now, baby)

Heaven knows you’re good for me
So I’m letting myself go
In your arms is where i wanna be
Come on and hold me close

Don’t you drop
Don’t drop my love
Baby, baby don’t drop it
Baby, baby now don’t drop it

Now don’t you drop
Now don’t you drop

One thought on “Song of the Day #5,178: ‘Don’t Drop My Love’ – Anita Ward

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Her one-hit-wonder status was probably due at least in part to “Ring my Bell” being released toward the end of the disco era (and the start of the “disco sucks” backlash).

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