Song of the Day #4,832: ‘Little Man, What Now?’ – Morrissey

The second track on Morrissey’s solo debut, 1987’s Viva Hate, ‘Little Man, What Now?’ takes its title from a 1932 German novel (later adapted into movies in both Germany and the United States). The song’s lyrics have nothing to do with the plot of the novel, however.

Instead, this short tune memorializes the career of a child star who faded into obscurity after reaching adulthood.

“Oh, but I remembered you,” Morrissey sings, against a backdrop of industrial drums likely symbolizing the entertainment machine that chews up and spits out young actors.

[Verse 1]
An afternoon nostalgia
Television show
You spoke in silhouette
(But they couldn’t name you)

Although the panel were
Very polite to you

Oh, but I remembered you
From Friday nights 1969
ATV – you murdered every line
Too old to be a child star
Too young to take leads
Four seasons passed
And they axed you

Nervously juvenile
(Won’t smile!)
What became of you?
Did that swift eclipse torture you?

A star at eighteen
And then—suddenly gone
Down to a few lines
In the back page of a faded annual

Oh but I remembered you
I remembered you

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,832: ‘Little Man, What Now?’ – Morrissey

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Speaking of pretentious…

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