Song of the Day #4,754: ‘May Street’ – Shea Seger

Shea Seger last popped up on the blog on another Random Weekend, seven years ago, with the song ‘Walking on Rainbows.’

In that post, I pondered why her official website would be absent of updates since early 2011, especially if she was still performing in any capacity. Frequent commenter Dana chimed in to report that she was active on Twitter.

Looking at that Twitter account now, though, I see that her most recent tweets are from 2012, meaning even when Dana pointed it out it was still a couple of years out of date. And now it’s been nearly a decade.

So maybe she just stopped recording, and is living a regular life somewhere, right?

Except that I just checked Wikipedia and it appears she released a new album in 2019. A little further research, however, reveals that album to be a collection of home recordings from 2001. So we’re back where we started.

Even the bandcamp site where the “new” album is hosted notes that “Shea Seger is/was a hugely talented artist who virtually disappeared from performance and public life.”

Maybe she’ll get an alert that this blog entry was posted and drop by the comment section.

Yeah so
Some of them were kind of a little bit upsetting I guess
In the sense of
I don’t know and all that
Resonates In my mind
From time to time when I think
About these times back at May Street

I remember the throwing up against the wall
I remember the glass
I remember crawling past that glass stained glass
What was it about that glass
That glass was the glass at May Street
Stained glass at May Street

Oh and the vets and the vets and the Vietnam war
Vets started coming around and saying “Hi”
Getting high at May Street
They would talk about the wars and talk about the women
At May Street

And crazy conversations ruled down at May Street
Insane characters proved their theorems at May Street
Oh and their crazy curriculums come to life

I heard it all at May Street
Remember it well at May
I remember the times were good
And times it felt like hell
I’m sure you’d agree on May Street
Going Back To May Street

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,754: ‘May Street’ – Shea Seger

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I think it may have been your observation that she only had 363 followers on Twitter that drove her further into exile.😀

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