Song of the Day #4,711: ‘Deja Vu’ – Olivia Rodrigo

Today wraps up a surprisingly decent two weeks of ‘What the Kids Are Listening To.’ It might be my imagination, but I feel like the top of the Billboard Hot 100 has gotten more listenable over the past couple of years.

I’m skipping this week’s #10 (Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’) and #11 (The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’) because I’ve already featured them. That brings me to #12, which is Rodrigo again with her second single, ‘Deja Vu.’

‘Deja Vu’ debuted in the top ten, making Rodrigo the first artist in the chart’s history to have her first two singles achieve that feat.

The track covers similar break-up ground as the runaway hit ‘Drivers License,’ but it’s upbeat and snarky as opposed to the dramatic wallowing of its predecessor. Rodrigo has mined her young love life for two top ten singles, clearly having learned something from her idol Taylor Swift.

Speaking of Taylor, she could probably sue Rodrigo for lifting the bridge of this song from any number of latter-day Swift classics. I guess you can charitably call it an homage. At any rate, it works.

[Note: Since I wrote this post, Rodrigo dropped her debut album, Sour. I will write a bit about that release next week.]

[Verse 1]
Car rides to Malibu
Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two
And tradin’ jackets
Laughin’ ’bout how small it looks on you
(Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha)
Watching reruns of Glee
Bein’ annoying, singin’ in harmony
I bet she’s braggin’ to all her friends, sayin’ you’re so unique, hmm

So when you gonna tell her that we did that, too?
She thinks it’s special, but it’s all reused
That was our place, I found it first
I made the jokes you tell to her when she’s with you

Do you get déjà vu when she’s with you?
Do you get déjà vu? (Ah), hmm
Do you get déjà vu, huh?

[Verse 2]
Do you call her, almost say my name?
’Cause let’s be honest, we kinda do sound the same
Another actress
I hate to think that I was just your type
And I bet that she knows Billy Joel
’Cause you played her “Uptown Girl”
You’re singin’ it together
Now I bet you even tell her how you love her
In between the chorus and the verse (Ooh; I love you)
So when you gonna tell her that we did that, too?
She thinks it’s special, but it’s all reused
That was the show we talked about
Played you the songs she’s singing now when she’s with you

Do you get déjà vu when she’s with you?
Do you get déjà vu? (Oh-oh)
Do you get déjà vu?

Strawberry ice cream in Malibu
Don’t act like we didn’t do that shit, too
You’re tradin’ jackets like we used to do
(Yeah, everything is all reused)
Play her piano, but she doesn’t know (Oh, oh)
That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel (Oh)
A different girl now, but there’s nothing new

I know you get déjà vu
I know you get déjà vu
I know you get déjà vu

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,711: ‘Deja Vu’ – Olivia Rodrigo

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    My family is borderline obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo, but clearly they are not alone. And I get it. She’s a very talented young woman, influenced in a good way by Taylor Swift and, with her newest single “Good 4 U,” by Paramore.

    Oh, and how could I not appreciate a 17 year old who name checks Billy Joel and “Uptown Girl” as she does in “Deja Vu?”😀

  2. Amy says:

    This song dropped when the “kids” were both home, and, yes, I’d agree that the three of us were borderline obsessed with this snarky, brilliant song, one of the three best on the new album. Not sure if this has ever been done in a song before, but it was certainly new to me… the utter sabotage of your ex’s next relationship – speaking of Billy Joel, this is how you wield a stiletto! 💗💗💗💗

    (And you have to listen to this one to fully appreciate it, Peg 😜)

  3. Madison says:

    Time to hop on the Olivia Rodrigo train! As a viewer of High School Musical the Musical the Series right from the start, I’ve had a really unexpectedly fun time seeing such a young actress become a phenomenon in the music world. And I love that she is so thoroughly inspired by Taylor Swift. Having more young artists able to tap into that particular songwriting craft of mining for details that make the song more specific yet more personal for everyone who listens… *chef’s kiss*

    Anyway this remains one of my favorite songs she’s released so far. I’m so glad she’s just getting started!

  4. The Cool Guy (Daniel) says:

    Huge fan of this up and coming artist! I first heard about “Drivers License” through friends and didn’t understand what all the hype could be about. Then, when I finally listened I got it. She has a real way with lyrics similar to her inspiration, Taylor Swift, and I’m excited to see the songs she writes deviating from this subject matter. This is a masterclass in the breakup album art (akin to “Songs about Jane”), but I know that she has the potential to write about a variety of topics and I’m excited to see where her career goes!

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