Song of the Day #4,334: ‘I Cry Everyday’ – Shelby Lynne

Sometimes I feel like these Random Weekends are part of a stealth marketing campaign by music studios that have tapped into my iTunes account.

Shelby Lynne pops up today, with a track from her 2005 album Suit Yourself, and it prompts me to see what she’s been up to recently. Lo and behold, she has a new, self-titled, album that dropped less than a month ago. So I listened to a couple of tracks from that record, a release I would have known nothing about if not for the Random iTunes Fairy.

That happens a lot, when a Random Weekend selection prompts me to discover that an artist has a new release either upcoming or just out.

I guess the truth is most artists keep plugging away, even when they’ve fallen out of the public consciousness. Lynne had a few years in the late 90s and early 00s where she made a splash (that’s when I first started listening) but she’s been under the radar since, even while putting out seven albums.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to have my blog play whatever small role it can in bringing attention to Lynne’s new, and old, material.

Hey Baby
What’s going on with you?
Hey Baby
Want to get it on with you
I’ve tried so many nights
Don’t know what to do
Hey baby
Got something to say and it is and it is

I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday

Hey Darling
Got a little news for you
Don’t need your sympathy
Just want a little care from you

I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday
I Cry Everyday

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,334: ‘I Cry Everyday’ – Shelby Lynne

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Another special attribute of the Random iTunes Fairy!

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