Song of the Day #4,309: ‘Cold Hearted (Remix)’ – Lexii Alijai

It wasn’t coronavirus that killed rapper Lexii Alijai on Jan. 1. It was drugs and alcohol, or “mixed fentanyl and ethanol toxicity” as the coroner’s report put it. Add another name to the list of artists struck down by fentanyl.

The Minnesota rapper was just 21 years old when she died, but she had already released four mixtapes and a full-length album. She found success rapping over beats by established artists such as Drake, Childish Gambino and Beyoncé, writing about her life and delivering a flow often compared to J Cole, whom she cited as an influence.

Future superstar? Who knows. Alijai might have been on her way to a storied career, or I might have never heard of her if she hadn’t passed away.

It’s very sad for her family, friends and fans that she had to make the blog this way.

Look, yo I never say a word but I be thinking about a lot
Take a lot more than talent to get you up to the top
Tired of looking up to niggas who buying shit I ain’t got
Tired of pulling 10’s out of my pockets, sted of a knot
Never forgot about them nights we ain’t have no fucking lights
Momma drinking every night cause she hated her fucking life
Winter time came wasn’t even crumbs to feed the mice
Dirty mixed kid long hair, my hair had lice
I just wanted to lay my upon a bed thats nice
And imma get it to make up for them hard floor ass nights
My back hurting in the morning
But I thought it was good, cause see
I never understood we wasn’t living like we should
Shit I thought this was the life, I was so used to the hood
Never fantasized bout million dollar mansions in the woods
She did everything alone, momma did it on her feet
Had to walk to food shelves to get a fucking pack of meat
Know her every days stress was the fuck was we gonna eat
Other days was it hell and the fuck am I gonna drink
I was 8 never ate, hungry but never starved
Appreciate everything cause we never been to a mall
I should be a dope fiend from everything that I saw
Daddy up in heaven making sure I stand tall
Legs give up he pick me up, its like I can’t fall
Thought that you could stick me tell your coaches to back off
Cause you gone hack the whole game so give me my And 1
And you gone have to double team so you should tell your mans come
100 bags split the feelings pull on yo damn son
7/0 and that make you a damn skunk uh
And imma chick so that make you a damn punk uh
Why people make me get my bands up
You gone be looking at me funny when I get my benz truck
Still gone call my clothes bummy when I get my trends up
Nicki M on the phone when I call my friends up
Or when you look at me you see it’s only hell I end up
Look, ayo, that make me grind hard
Did a rap, gave my uncle 32 behind bars
We posed to be driving cars
We posed to be in the hills, posed to be making toasts
And staying close, and being real
I wonder how you feel when I forget to write a letter
Just turned 18 so I been out here living reckless
Ain’t worried bout these boys, I mean Im still the same Alexis
Im just saying when I wake up all im thinking bout is breakfast
Calling back to back staring in the right direction
He heard I got a nigga now and that’s what got him stressing
Told me put my music first and always out them niggas second
There ain’t nothing that little nigga gone teach you but a lesson
Should’ve listened, but I didn’t
Now my trigger finger itching
Trying get revenge cause he fucking around with other bitches
I gotta build a name, but you knocking my game
Shit I hate to say that I ain’t feeling the same
Yeah, but imma charger to the game and I ain’t tripping
Cause these niggas go faster then they came
And the unfamiliar bitch and all my niggas feel this shit
Yeah, unfamiliar bitch and all my ladies feel this shit wussup

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,309: ‘Cold Hearted (Remix)’ – Lexii Alijai

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Such a shame!

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