Song of the Day #4,047: ‘As Ugly As I Seem’ – The White Stripes

The White Stripes aren’t generally known for their quieter songs, but they have recorded a few beauties.

Today’s track appears on the 2005 album Get Behind Me Satan and is a lovely song featuring Jack White on acoustic guitar and Meg White (for the first time ever) on hand-hit drums.

I found a site comparing the melody of this song to Bob Dylan’s ‘I Believe in You,’ a track from his born-again Christian album Slow Train Coming (yes, they are similar).

That suggestion led me to YouTube, where I found this live rendition of ‘I Believe in You’ by Sinead O’Connor, recorded during a rehearsal for a 1992 Bob Dylan tribute concert.

As some of you may recall, O’Connor wound up booed off the stage during the actual concert, a reaction to her tearing up a picture of the Pope during a Saturday Night Live performance not long before. She left the stage in tears and the world never got to hear her beautiful rendition of the song.

[Verse 1]
I, I am as ugly as I seem
Worse than all your dreams
Could ever make me out to be
And it makes me want to scream
When it’s Halloween
And the kids are laughing
The rogue is a bank he’s never broke
But worth as much as a joke that no one is laughing at

[Verse 2]
Can you believe some things are not
Appealing and there’s a spot
On the ceiling of my childhood bedroom
And can these dreams you can’t imagine
Will never match the vision
That you had decided for me
You are to take away from me
Things that are mine and it’s not your right
Odd that you wouldn’t expect a fight
Can it be that I don’t want what you want?
And the only thing I could care for
Is a place in a home that is safe and warm
Safe and warm, safe and warm, safe and warm

[Verse 3]
Judge yourself if you feel the need
Just let me known to be
In search of the truth myself
There is a drop of blood on the ground
And it seems to me that it’s not my kind
And I can’t be sure if it’s yours or mine

I am as ugly as I seem
Worse than all your dreams
Could ever make me
Could ever make me
Could ever make me
Could ever make me

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,047: ‘As Ugly As I Seem’ – The White Stripes

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Definitely hear the similarities between the two songs. We could use a Sinead moment tearing up a picture of Trump on SNL!

    By the way, it seems to me the White Stripes have had a disproportionate amount of appearances on Random Weekends.

    • Clay says:

      You are correct.

      This is the seventh White Stripes appearance on Random Weekends. That’s 3X as many as there should be based on their representation in my collection (40 total songs). So they are more over-represented than Barenaked Ladies, though they have showed up half as many times.

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