Song of the Day #4,001: ‘The Ocean Always Wins’ – She’s Spanish, I’m American

Yesterday’s post was running long, so I saved the second part of my Josh Rouse story for today.

Rouse has been married to a Spanish woman named Paz Suay since the mid-2000s. They raised two children while living in Spain for a decade, then relocated to Nashville a couple of years ago. Paz has appeared as a vocalist on several of Rouse’s albums and in 2007 the duo released an EP titled She’s Spanish, I’m American, on which today’s SOTD appears.

Paz didn’t perform during our show but she did sell merchandise at the front of the venue afterward. We spoke to her for a bit, telling her how much we enjoyed her husband’s performance and complimenting her own work on his albums.

When she realized my wife is Hispanic, she lit up and the two began to converse in Spanish at length. They discussed (I’m told) what it’s like to marry a gringo, the challenge of raising bilingual children (much easier for them in Spain than for us in the U.S.) and the appeal of Nashville.

Paz was incredibly sweet and seemed genuinely invested in the conversation, even getting mildly upset when she had to interrupt it to sell one of her husband’s CDs. The two of them got along so well that my kids and I had visions of the four of us going out for drinks with the couple once they closed up shop.

When Rouse emerged to sign autographs, he gave a couple of curious glances at his wife deep in conversation with one of his concertgoers. Eventually we turned our attention to him and asked him to sign a couple of albums for us. He was gracious but seemed like he was ready to call it a night. Paz, I think, would have kept the party going.

We waved goodbye. Paz beamed and blew us kisses.

Maybe she acts that way with all the fans, but it felt like we made a friend.

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,001: ‘The Ocean Always Wins’ – She’s Spanish, I’m American

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Such a great experience! And I really like their song.

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