Song of the Day #3,918: ‘Letter to Memphis’ – Pixies

Noisy pop bands were big in the late 80s and early 90s, and the Pixies stand out as one of the most celebrated and influential of the bunch. I’m surprised to see I’ve never featured a Pixies song on the blog, given how often they’re referenced by bands I like.

‘Trompe Le Monde’ was the band’s fourth album and their last before the original lineup broke up. The band reunited ten years later without bassist Kim Deal and released two more albums this decade.

A quick listen to ‘Trompe Le Monde’ has me excited to hear more. At times it’s a little louder than my taste, but I hear echoes of so many things I like, from Ben Folds Five to mid-90s R.E.M., White Stripes to Spoon. It’s always interesting to hear a band for the first time that you’ve already kind of experienced through its influences.

The day since I met her
I can’t believe it’s true
She came here from Memphis
Across the ocean sailing

And I saw her and I pleaded
Why do you come so far?
And she said, “Trying to get to you
How I tried to get to you
Trying to get to you”

I’m sending a letter
I’ll send it right to you
I’ll send it to Memphis
I know that someday

Everything I needed and I wanted
Used to be that my head was haunted
And all these sirens they make me mad
And all this violence it brings me down

I feel strong, I feel lucky
Trying to get to you
Said I’m going to get to you
Trying to get to you

One thought on “Song of the Day #3,918: ‘Letter to Memphis’ – Pixies

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Unless like REM and Ben Folds, they have a (much) softer side, I’ll pass. These are the types of REM songs I skip.

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