Song of the Day #3,534: ‘8’ – Nic Kush

Earlier this week I mentioned that heavy metal bands produce a lot of numbered songs. But even that genre takes a back seat to rap. I could have easily tackled this project using only rap songs. In fact, much of my research time was spent digging around for non-rap songs to prevent the list from being too rap-heavy.

I guess that’s because a lot of wannabe rappers have access to sophisticated enough recording equipment (read: a laptop) to produce halfway decent songs.

The funny thing is, I don’t see a lot of daylight between those amateur rappers and the tracks filling up Billboard’s Hot 100.

Take Nic Kush, today’s performer, who has pretty much zero presence online. The lyrics to his song ‘8’ are nowhere to be found, he has nothing resembling a website (even his Facebook page is empty), and this YouTube clip has a grand total of 14 views, at least three of which are mine.

But the song is halfway decent (though diminished by a dash of anti-semitism). If the guy ever hits it big, I can say I knew him when.

On a side note, Happy 21st Anniversary to my beloved wife! Sorry I couldn’t find a love song titled ‘8.’

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,534: ‘8’ – Nic Kush

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Mr. Kush should hire you as his publicist since your inclusion of his song will likely double his YouTube views.

  2. Peg Clifton says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both!❤️

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