Song of the Day #3,346: ‘I’d Really Love to See You Tonight’ – England Dan & John Ford Coley

So many yacht rock songs are performed by artists completely alien to me. One- or two-hit wonders who never hit my radar no matter how well I know their songs.

Take ‘I’d Really Love to See You Tonight,’ a song I know quite well. With a gun to my head I could never have come up with England Dan & John Ford Coley as the performers. They sound like characters in a movie about Billy the Kid, not soft rock stars.

Despite Danny Seals’ nickname, he and his musical partner are actually from Texas. They released six Top 40 singles in the late 70s, but none as successful as this cheesy beauty.

Fans of the Samuel Jackson/Geena Davis movie The Long Kiss Goodnight will recall the moment where Jackson’s character misinterprets the chorus’ opening line as “I’m not talking ’bout the linens.”

[Verse 1:]
Hello, yeah, it’s been a while
Not much, how about you?
I’m not sure why I called
I guess I really just wanted to talk to you

And I was thinking maybe later on
We could get together for a while
It’s been such a long time
And I really do miss your smile

I’m not talking about moving in
And I don’t want to change your life
But there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around
And I’d really love to see you tonight

[Verse 2:]
We could go walking through a windy park
Or take a drive along the beach
Or stay at home and watch TV
You see, it really doesn’t matter much to me

[Repeat Chorus:]

I won’t ask for promises
So you don’t have to lie
We’ve both played that game before:
Say I love you then say goodbye

[Repeat Chorus:]

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,346: ‘I’d Really Love to See You Tonight’ – England Dan & John Ford Coley

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Lol! I’m with Samuel Jackson. I had no idea what that line was. It does sound like “linens.”

  2. Gary Rogatz says:

    I didn’t see Neil Diamond or The Rolling Stones in the competition?

  3. Doug clifton says:

    I agree it was a cheesy song. Back in the day you couldn’t take a step without hearing it. Soft rock Muzak.

  4. Peg says:

    I love that movie. Time to see it again 😊

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