Song of the Day #2,904: ‘Indian Summer Sky’ – U2

u2_unforgettable_fireU2 is indisputably one of the most successful and respected rock bands in music history. But they were knocked from their lofty perch two years ago after giving a free copy of their album to 500 million iTunes customers simultaneously.

Funny how a generous gesture can backfire. Apple users who either didn’t know or didn’t like the band ridiculed the unwanted intruder that popped up in their music library. Even some U2 fans thought it was kind of creepy that a company could just download music for you (and make it rather difficult to remove).

Setting the free copies aside, Songs of Innocence wound up as the band’s poorest selling album ever (not surprising, given how many potential buyers already had it for free). The band is reportedly working on a follow-up that will have a more traditional release. I wonder how many copies that one will sell.

Anyway, today’s Random SOTD takes us all the way back to 1984, when U2’s The Unforgettable Fire moved 7 million units worldwide and poised them for worldwide domination two years later with The Joshua Tree.

In the ocean cuts ring deep, the sky
Like there, I don’t know why
In the forest there’s a clearing
I run there towards the light
Sky, it’s a blue sky

In the earth the hole deep, deep, decide
If I could I would
Up for air to swim against the tide
Hey, hey, hey
Up towards the sky
It’s a blue sky

To lose along the way the spark that set the flame
To flicker and to fade on this the longest day

So wind go through to my heart
So wind blow through my soul
So wind go through to my heart
So wind blow through my soul
So wind go through to my heart

You give yourself to this the longest day
You give yourself, you give it all away

Two rivers run too deep, the seasons change and so do I
The light that strikes the tallest trees the light away for I
The light away, up towards the sky
It’s a blue sky




One thought on “Song of the Day #2,904: ‘Indian Summer Sky’ – U2

  1. Dana says:

    As I have never been a U2 fan, I promptly and happily deleted that forced-upon Apple album and never looked back. Glad they will be going back to a traditional release for the next one so I can simply ignore it without having to delete it.

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