Song of the Day #2,770: ‘Carry On’ – fun.

fun_some_nightsThe eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that my Song of the Day number jumped ahead by 10 after yesterday. That’s because, while perusing old blog entries, I stumbled upon a mistake in the numbering.

In May of 2014, during a theme week on my five desert island songs, I posted R.E.M.’s ‘Maps and Legends’ as SOTD #2,117. It should have been #2,127.

A simple enough error. My finger just tapped the ‘1’ instead of the ‘2.’ But I didn’t catch it at the time, and I didn’t catch it in the following 22 months either.

I caught it today, though. And I’m sure not going back to fix the 653 posts I’ve written since. So in order to have my SOTD number reflect the actual number of SOTD posts I’ve written, I’m skipping the 2,760s and truing up the tally.

That assumes, of course, I haven’t made any other undiscovered numbering errors along the way. I won’t think about that.

[Verse 1]
Well I woke up to the sound of silence
The cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight
And I found you with a bottle of wine
Your head in the curtains
And heart like the fourth of July

[Verse 2]
You swore and said
We are not
We are not shining stars
This I know
I never said we are

Though I’ve never been through hell like that
I’ve closed enough windows
To know you can never look back

If you’re lost and alone
Or you’re sinking like a stone
Carry on
May your past be the sound
Of your feet upon the ground
Carry on
Carry on, carry on

[Verse 3]
So I met up with some friends
At the edge of the night
At a bar off 75
And we talked and talked
About how our parents will die
All our neighbours and wives

[Verse 4]
But I’d like to think
I can cheat it all
To make up for the times I’ve been cheated on
And it’s nice to know
When I was left for dead
I was found and now I don’t roam these streets
I am not the ghost you want of me


My head is on fire
But my legs are fine
After all they are mine
Lay your clothes down on the floor
Close the door
Hold the phone
Show me how
No one’s ever gonna stop us now

[Verse 5]
Cause we are
We are shining stars
We are invincible
We are who we are
On our darkest day
When we’re miles away
So we’ll come
We will find our way home


No one’s ever gonna stop us now

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,770: ‘Carry On’ – fun.

  1. Dana says:

    So, in the spirit of the song, you have decided to carry on.😄

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