Song of the Day #2,705: ‘New Round’ – Beck

beck-informationI haven’t done an in-depth analysis of Random Weekend selections (though I’d love to) but I have a feeling that Beck is overrepresented.

Yes, he is relatively prolific. I own nine of his albums and 99 of his songs. But I feel like he shows up in the random mix more often than those numbers would suggest.


Never mind, I take it back. I just did a quick check and, while I have featured Beck many times on the blog, only two of those posts (before this one) were on Random Weekends.

If anything, he might be slightly underrepresented in the random selections.

I guess that means Beck finds his way into my own selections more than I thought.

When the oceans are dark
The heavens are foreboding
A chain link wind
Is breaking you open
And lessons of the day
On a blackboard night
It seem to be erased
And the beacon has a light

The eyes of confusion
Looking for a string
Everything they need
To keep the dogs at bay
There’s no escape hatch
No submarine
Could take you to the moon
Rake you in the leaves

And keep you just the same
All in my arms
Some day, some day
Say bye bye bye bye
Bye, bye, bye

I’m smaller than a stone
Bigger than a road
Farther than an ocean
Closer than a soul
Every little word
And every little step
Every new direction
Closer you would get

The farther away
You go from where we went
I’ll try to keep with you
Hold you like a star
Found the frozen bank
To a hollow tune
Pushes up beyond
And all they come from home

When you bring them down
All they fall aside
On the radios
Don’t forget it’s yours
Bye, bye, bye

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,705: ‘New Round’ – Beck

  1. Dana says:

    I find this one a bit monotonous.

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