Song of the Day #2,643: ‘Redemption Song’ – Eddie Vedder & Beyoncé

Recently, I happened upon a couple of musical performances by women on my laminated freebie list. Fans of the classic sitcom Friends will recall that a “freebie list” names the five celebrities you can take to bed without repercussions from your spouse.

A little YouTube digging helped me come up with a few other such performances, allowing me to offer up a whole week dedicated to this theme. Four of my five freebie list women actually perform their Songs of the Day, while the final one is a bit of a cheat.

It shouldn’t shock anybody to see Beyoncé on this list. She is the epitome of confidence, talent and sensuality.

Here she performs a duet of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder at New York City’s Global Citizen Festival last month.

I love the smiling disbelief with which Vedder announces that he’s about to be joined by the icon.

I also like that this performance forces insufferable Pearl Jam fans to acknowledge Beyoncé as an artist worthy of sharing the stage with their god. I like Vedder a lot (his voice, his integrity, his politics) but Pearl Jam fans can be the worst.

So I bet this performance leads to cognitive dissonance for those pop-hating purists. If Eddie Vedder can do no wrong, and Eddie Vedder is happy to sing alongside Beyoncé, does that mean Beyoncé isn’t an evil corporate hack?

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,643: ‘Redemption Song’ – Eddie Vedder & Beyoncé

  1. Dana says:

    Somehow, I suspect if you could only put one woman on that laminated list, Beyoncé would be it.😄

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